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Chinen Yuri

October 2012




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Oct. 8th, 2012

Chinen Yuri

[sticky post] Where To Find Me

Hi all \(^^)/\(^^)/

I don't post much in LJ at all (as you can see from the non-customized layout & lack of updates whatsoever), but I am alive pretty much at every other more commonly used social media site. Please find me at those places instead (:

• Twitter: HERE

• Tumblr: HERE

• Design portfolio: HERE

* The above are my personal accounts. I will not follow/add people whom I don't know unless you make yourself clear who you are and where you're coming from. I don't mind making friends with people who've got similar interests as me i.e. Japanese idols and music interests.

I also run 2 other blogs (^3^)

• Japanese goods blog/review Tumblr: HERE

• SCANDAL (band) blog: HERE

My personal E-mail address is: blackdevil2722@msn.com. I'd prefer if you FB/Twitter/Tumblr message me tho. ^^

I check every single one of these networks daily, so feel free to drop me a message if you want to be friends or have any business with me. Thank you!
Chinen Yuri

Sales post

Hi, I'm selling away these items. Right now, they're only open to Singaporean buyers. I really do take care of all my goods, so they are in great condition unless otherwise stated. All prices are fixed and in SGD.

Payment / Collection
- Payment: via bank transfer (POSB) or cash upon meetup
- Collection (Mailing): Normal or Registered Mailing
- Collection (Meetup): Meetup available at Tampines/Bugis/Orchard MRT, at my convenience. Upon request, I may also be able to do meetups at any station between Pasir Ris MRT to Redhill MRT & Raffles Place MRT to Toa Payoh MRT (also at my convenience & dependent on my schedule).

* After an item has been shipped out, I will not be held liable if they are damaged (or lost if you have opted for normal postage). I will most definitely package it properly of course.

Other Conditions
- All goods are originally from Japan unless stated.
- All prices are fixed and no additional cost is needed, apart from my shipping to you.
- I'm still new to this whole selling thing so please be kind to me.
- To order, simply comment below or E-mail me at blackdevil2722@msn.com (:

☆ KAT-TUN-related Goods ☆

☆ Hey! Say! JUMP-related Goods ☆

☆ AKB48-related Goods ☆

☆ Japanese fashion magazines ☆

☆ Non-Japanese-related albums ☆

- END -

Feb. 3rd, 2011

Chinen Yuri

Probably the reason why KT also has 75k sales for UW's first day on the charts...

As most of you Hyphens should know by now, KAT-TUN came in on the #1 spot for ULTIMATE WHEELS today! It's their first #1 spot for year 2011's singles chart and since UW is an awesome song, I think most of us should be really happy for them. But then as we all realised...the first day sales were only 75k+ sales, a figure that shockingly hasn't even past the 100k mark.

So here's just a quick analysis of why that's so because surely our boys deserve something a little higher than that.

Initially I was a little bit shocked over the sales. I mean, really, UW is such a good song. But then Hyphens, look over to the album sales & DVD sales for this week.

Oricon charts (Album): HERE

Oricon charts (DVD total): HERE

Oricon charts (DVD music): HERE

KAT-TUN is up against fellow JE member Yamapi! His album sold 101,792 & topped the Oricon album charts. Also, let's not forget that for the 31st Jan single rankings, Yamapi's "Hadakanbo" single topped that and also, he's having an ongoing Asian tour recently so that all contributed to his fame. But that's not all. Scoot over to the total DVD sales for the week and our KT boys also have Arashi up against them with their Scene Tour DVD. Arashi also topped the DVD Music charts for the week and it's pretty obvious they are tough competition for KAT-TUN.

(To see how much Arashi's live DVD sold in the first week, click HERE. I swear, Arashi fans are crazy stuff.)

I think this is highly the reason why KAT-TUN's first day sales for CW hasn't been the best that we've seen so far. It's a great song, the PV idea is cool and our boys gave amazing perfs on Music Station & Music Japan for it but going up against both Arashi and Yamapi is a really tough. For our boys to have scored #1 on the charts, I think we should all be super proud of them already, instead of feeling slightly disappointed over the sales. If it's counted as a consolation, KAT-TUN has also came in top in the Oricon ranking this week for the single that "most people look forward to". (Link over HERE.) Obviously, the more points the better and our boys have came in #1 with 220.10 pts, beating even the popular songstress Koda Kumi & the AKB48 sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7.

So guys, perk up a little! KAT-TUN is still awesome aye. <3

Nov. 24th, 2010

Chinen Yuri

(no subject)

Hello all! Clearly, I'm not quite active on LJ aye (besides for checking up news on KAT-TUN, HSJ, AAA and AKB48...).
I was thinking maybe I should put all my personal blogging stuff here instead, rather than dumping everything on my Tumblr. It's much better here, since not many people knows that I have a LJ.

Still, best place to find me is at Tumblr, Twitter & FB (friends only).

Check out my Tumblr over HERE thank you! I will follow back (if I see that you're a fan of the idols I like or your posts are really interesting).

And my Twitter too! Over HERE. Tweet me, I'll reply & follow back! I love to get to know more people that are interested in KT, AKB, SCANDAL etc.

OK, this feels more like a promotional post already. But that's really due to the fact that I'm not good w LJ. Here are the other places (besides FB, Twitter & Tumblr) that you might be able to find me but of course, I'm most active on those three.

Youtube, DeviantArt, Fanfiction, Formspring, Jpopasia.com, SCANDAL HEAVEN, D.gray-Divinty.NET, theOtaku.com, Animaxasia, Gendou.com, 6theory forums @ Tokyhive&allKpop.

Friendster & Myspace has died but I do check back once in...quite some time. But those two are probably the worse places to find me.

Alright LJ. I need to update more & be more alive here. At least, I'll try my best :b